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Holistic Health and Wellness

How to Maintain Total Life Balance

holistic health and wellness

The steps to leading a lifestyle that includes holistic health and wellness are fairly straightforward. Think of it is a series of developmental steps that lead to personal betterment that begins with being more aware of the world around you and how it makes you feel.

However, holistic health and wellness is not only about how you feel physically but also encompasses your emotional state as well as your spiritual well-being. When you make the decision to lead a holistic life, it means that your goal is to have all areas of your life in harmony with one another.

A holistic lifestyle begins with the understanding that the present is the only part of your life that really counts. The past is behind you, and although it helped shape the person you are right now, the future offers an opportunity to make rectify things from your past that affect your present.

While the future offers an opportunity, there are no promises. If your future looks bleak, then you can help settle issues from your past by taking a moment to forgive yourself and others for any transgressions. You can literally contact the person and forgive them, or you can work to do this on your own without ever mentioning it to another soul.

Tips for Starting a holistic health and wellness

A holistic lifestyle is not something that everyone understands. And is it any wonder why they do not understand it? Everything in life seems to be pushing towards living richer, faster, with more stuff than your neighbor owns. We no longer have to keep up with the Joneses. Now we have to surpass them.

holistic health and wellness

There are three primary areas of a holistic lifestyle. Those areas are physical which covers physical wellness, emotional which includes your mental state, and spiritual which encompasses your beliefs. Here are some holistic health tips to help get, you started in each of
those three areas.

  • PHYSICALLY – Diet, exercise, and natural remedies play a large part in physical holistic health. Dr. William Manahan, M.D., states that “…six major culprits in the modern diet that can cause medical problems are caffeine, salt, milk, processed foods, sugar, and fats.” He says that at least 150 different medical problems relate to eating foods in these categories, which is why it is best to avoid them (www.ahha.org).
  • EMOTIONALLY – When it comes to the real key to emotional wellness and holistic health, perhaps the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, M.C., commonly known as Mother Teresa summed it up best with, “What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” When you have the right people around you, then it is easier to cope with personal issues.
  • SPIRITUALLY – Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, or agnostic, you can improve your spiritual holistic health and wellness through meditation. Focus on loving kindness to get the most out of your meditative moments. Being in touch with your spiritual side can give you a sense of peace, make you feel more grounded, and connect you with others
    who share your beliefs.

In addition to physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of your life, also prepare for holistic health and wellness transition into your social life as well. Be prepared to answer the question, “What is holistic health?” Once they notice your aura of inner peace, they will want to know how you achieved it.

A Final Tip for Holistic Living

holistic health and wellness work balance

While your holistic lifestyle may start out mainstream, as you gain a new respect for yourself and the world around you, as well as other people in the world, do not be surprised if you deviate from your original plan. For example, you may find that you meditate better during yoga, or that you enjoy meals better with a glass of ionized water instead of soda or juice.

Living holistically is more than making a few subtle changes and declaring your goals completed. A holistic lifestyle is a life-long adventure. No matter what the reason for you to begin making changes to strive and meet your holistic goals, the important thing is that you stick with it no matter what fate throws in your direction.

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