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Cheap Healthy Eating Plan To Lose Weight

How to Grocery Shop on a Budget?

Cheap healthy eating plan to lose weight

The government shutdown in the autumn of 2013 forced many Americans to sit up and take notice of their family budgets for Cheap healthy eating plan to lose weight. They quickly learned that that a fit and healthy life does not require buying expensive brands at pricey organic retailers. In fact, cheap healthy eating is possible at the local supercenter!

If your family is on a budget, then you are not alone. 76% of households who use the SNAP (American food stamp) system include at least one underage, elderly, or disabled person. But thanks to recent changes in the economy, it is not just low-income families that have to watch every penny.

American financial adviser Dave Ramsey offers the advice, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” Even though the American government fails to heed this advice, it is not too late for you to adopt this way of thinking about your own finances.

Tips for Shopping without Sacrificing:

Next to utilities, the next important area of the budget for most families is food. A trip to the grocery store is expensive, and eating healthy on a budget may seem like a real challenge. This is especially true if your family has special dietary needs that are required for maintaining a fit and healthy life.

These needs could relate to a medical condition like diabetes or food allergies, or just teenagers with insatiable appetites. Regardless of the reason, eating healthy is a much higher priority than just eating to curb hunger pains. Here are some tips for healthy eating on a budget regardless of your family’s needs.

Cheap healthy eating plan to lose weight

  • SHOP FREQUENTLY – Shopping more frequently saves money because you can buy fresh produce and other perishables on their last day of freshness. Then you can store them in your freezer which helps retain more nutrients than buying frozen foods that are filled with preservatives.
  • SHOP LOCAL – One way to shop local is to buy from local farmer’s markets, or direct from the farms. Shopping local is not only more healthy, but it also supports the local economy, helping smaller retailers to stay in business.
  • EAT SEASONAL – Buy in season fruits and vegetables. It not only tastes better, but it is cheaper. If possible buy in bulk and can or freeze extras so that you can eat healthy for cheap in the off season as well. Eating fresh, organic foods is the first step to a holistic lifestyle, because when your body is healthy, the rest is easy!
  • COOK AT HOME – Cooking at home is not only a money saver, but it is also healthier because you can use fresh foods instead of ones packed with preservatives. The ingredients you use to cook an entire meal often cost less than the price of one person’s dinner in a restaurant setting. You save wear and tear on your vehicle, and nobody has to leave a tip!
  • EAT LEFTOVERS – When packaging up leftovers after dinner, store them in portions making it more convenient to practice healthy eating for less in the days ahead. If the meal you make is something that freezes well, make enough for two dinners at the same time. Store half in the freezer and the next time you have a busy day, dinner is ready to be thawed and heated.
  • DRINK WATER – Drinking water is healthier than high calorie soda or juice. If you want to flavor your water, many companies make low-calorie drop ins using natural sweeteners. Drinking water is the primary way to stay hydrated, which is an important part of staying healthy. Invest in a high quality water ionizer and really see the benefits!

Most importantly, eating healthier is less expensive in the long run because it means less trips to the doctor or pharmacy. Fees for things like co-payment for an office visit and the price of medications are costly, and that is money you could be spending on delicious, nutritious food! As you can see, cheap healthy eating affects more than what you put on the table at mealtimes.

The Key to Eating Healthy within Your Means:

The real key for how to save money by eating healthy is by taking some time to prepare, whether it’s writing out your grocery list or using one kitchen appliance for multiple tasks. One such appliance is the BlendTec blender, which acts like a food processor, coffee grinder, and smoothie machine.

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