Rug Centrifuge for sale

rug centrifuge drier

Rug Centrifuge machine Rug centrifuge drier SS14 Cylinder 14’ 6” length and 18” diameter, adjustable up to 1000 RPM $33,500 Stainless inner cylinder with a working length of 14’ 6” Stainless outer cylinder 15 HP Baldor Gold motor Three phase, 1760 rpm Adjustable speed control plus reverse to roll rugs …

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Wedding Planning Guide

wedding planning

Memorable moments are created in the wedding planning process. I love to work with a couple who are passionate about creating their wedding planning. This kind of couple brings a lot of ideas to the planning table and can envision their wedding day months before. They recognize that people (not …

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Resistance bands free weights-

Resistance bands jpg

Resistance bands are one of the greatest additions to the world of exercise/gym equipment. On their own, they’re a highly effective option for mild training—perfect for newbies or those recovering from injury or surgery. However, as one study discovered, pairing them with free weights can lead to SERIOUS improvements in …

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How to Reduce Inflammation

How to Reduce inflammation

Some Ways  to Reduce Inflammation The body’s immune system is the key to a fit and healthy life. While Reduce Inflammation is part of that immune response, too many causes problems in the forms of illness and disease. That’s why it’s important to eat a well-balanced diet that includes inflammation …

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Creating lives clear disease on DNA surgery

Correct “manufactured surgery” has been performed on human creating lives to clear ailment in a world at first, Chinese experts have told the BBC. The group at Sun Yat-sen University utilized a procedure called base altering to remedy a solitary blunder out of the three billion “letters” of our hereditary …

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